Tournaments are on Oct 28th & 29th

Fun activities like Mix Weapon on Oct 27th

Complimentary Family Passes – don’t purchase General Admission for up to 3 family members.

Tournaments ticket
  • Registration – $60.00 (All tournaments & other activities)

  • Tournament – $15.00 per tournament
  • Cutting – $60.00 (Open/Advance)

HEMA Score Card is used to manage the tournaments.

Life and Death



🎃 Get ready for a spine-chilling showdown like never before! Our Fright Fight event is brewing up a Halloween extravaganza that’s sure to send shivers down your spine. 👻 And what’s Halloween without a twist? Brace yourself for the ultimate tournament of sabers, where the clash of blades echoes through the haunted night. Join us as we carve a path to awareness and fun, one saber swing at a time! 🗡️🕷️🌕 #FrightFightSaberTournament.


Long Sword

🎃 Step into the moonlit arena this Halloween and witness the enchanting dance of long swords amidst the shadows. Our Fright Fight event is conjuring up a tournament like no other, where the grace and power of the long sword take center stage. 🌕🗡️ Join us as we illuminate the night with every masterful swing, blending the magic of the season with the artistry of swordplay. Get ready for a Halloween spectacle that will leave you bewitched! 👻🔮 #FrightFightLongSwordTournament.

Long Sword
The Magic Farm



🎃 Unmask your courage this Halloween at our Fright Fight event, where the elegance of the rapier meets the thrill of competition! 🗡️🌕 Step into a world where precision and finesse rule the night, as rapier blades flash under the moon’s eerie glow. Join us for a tournament that’s as sharp as it is sophisticated, and let your inner swashbuckler run wild in the spirit of the season. Get ready to duel, dazzle, and delight in a rapier showdown like no other! 👻⚔️ #FrightFightRapierTournament.


Half Harness

🎃 Unveiling a daring experiment that straddles the realms of history and innovation: The Fright Fight Half-Harness Tournament! 🗡️🛡️ Prepare to embark on a journey that blurs the lines between tradition and modernity, as competitors engage in a battle that finds its sweet spot between blossfechten and harnisfechten.

In this realm of innovation, armor becomes a strategic choice, offering protection to the torso, arms, and hands. But fear not, for unarmored areas will be shielded with precision using HEMA gear, merging safety with authenticity. It’s a dance of skill and protection that brings the past and present together.

⚔️🌕🛡️ #HalfHarnessHavoc

Hald Harness
Theater & Dance

05 — Open & Advanced


🎃 Embrace the spirit of the harvest moon this Halloween at our Fright Fight event, where blades meet tradition in a cutting tatami tournament like never before! 🍂🗡️ Experience the exhilaration as warriors channel their focus and precision to slice through tatami mats, creating a symphony of skill and technique under the moonlit sky. Join us for a tournament that combines the echoes of ancient artistry with the thrill of modern competition. Let’s celebrate the season with every triumphant cut and a night to remember! 👻⚔️ #FrightFightCuttingTatamiTournament.