🎃 Get ready for an explosion of excitement at our Fright Fight event, where more special activities are brewing to elevate your experience to spine-tingling heights!

Life and Death
Life and Death

01 — Oct 27 – Evening


🎃 Brace yourselves for the most intense clash of steel this Halloween – the Buhurt Event! 🛡️🌕 Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding spectacle as teams of knights don their authentic steel armor, wield their real weapons, and charge into battle with unyielding determination. This isn’t a mere performance; it’s a true test of skill, strength, and strategy.

No smoke, no mirrors – just the raw, unfiltered spirit of competition. Witness the unrelenting clashes, the thundering impacts, and the unwavering will to emerge victorious. Each swing, each parry, each calculated move brings us closer to the ultimate spectacle – only one team shall stand tall when the dust settles.

The arena isn’t just a battleground; it’s a canvas where history, tradition, and courage converge. So mark your calendars and prepare to witness the grit, honor, and power of the Buhurt Tournament. This is as real as it gets, and the only script is the one written in steel. ⚔️🔥🛡️ #BuhurtBattleRoyale #UnleashTheSteel #FrightFightHistoricalShowdown

02 — Oct 27th

Mixed Weapon

🎃 Unveiling a tournament that’s a roll of the dice and a swing of fate! Get ready for our electrifying Mixed Weapons Showdown at the Fright Fight event. 🎲🗡️ Purchase your tickets at the event for a chance to roll the dice and embrace the element of surprise, as you select from a pool of 6 diverse weapons. Will you conquer with a rapier’s finesse or unleash a tempest with a long sword?

It’s not just about victory; it’s about ascending the throne as the King or Queen of the Hill. Each match is a battle, a step towards ultimate glory. But the triumph goes beyond the arena – with every ticket purchased, you contribute to a cause close to our hearts. The proceeds will be donated to StreetLight, a non-profit illuminating the lives of women in need.

So gear up, sharpen your wits, and prepare for a tournament that blends skill, suspense, and the joy of giving back. Stay tuned as we unveil more details – this Halloween, let’s roll the dice for a noble cause! 👑🌕🙌 #MixedWeaponsTournament #RollForACause #FrightFightForChange

Live Music
The Magic Farm

03 — Oct 27th

Pistol Duel

🎃 Prepare to step back in time and unleash your inner duelist at our thrilling Pistol Duel event! 🔫🌕 Channel your precision and nerves of steel as you select your pistol, pace your steps, and turn to face your opponent. It’s a high-stakes game of strategy and marksmanship, where every shot counts.

But beware, for a missed shot means stepping closer to your rival, intensifying the suspense with each passing duel. The tension rises as distances shrink, and victory hangs on the trajectory of your shot.

This is more than just a contest – it’s a glimpse into history, a nod to tradition, and a test of skill. So holster your courage, steady your aim, and get ready to make your mark in this unforgettable Pistol Duel. Stay tuned for more details, and let’s make history together this Halloween! 💥🌕🤠 #PistolDuelMayhem #MarksmanshipChallenge #FrightFightHistoricalShowdown