Oct 27th – 1:30pm – 4:00pm (~)

The mixed weapon event is in support of bringing awareness to special needs group with donations going to Non-Profit StreetLight. “The Sanctuary provides residential trauma healing services to teen girls suffering from significant trauma due to commercial sexual exploitation and child sex trafficking. Pastoral Care Services are available to children in The Sanctuary program.“

Live Music

Game tickets

  • 1 – Ticket – $5

  • 5 – Tickets – $20

The first 25 people to register for the tournaments get 5 tickets free. All proceeds are collected at the event by Phoenix Society. They have graciously offered to manage and deliver the proceeds to StreetLight.


Welcome to the Mixed Weapons Tournament!

The Mixed Weapons Tournament offers a thrilling “King of the Hill” experience, where participants vie for supremacy through a series of exciting and unpredictable matches. The ultimate goal is to accumulate the greatest number of consistent victories to claim the coveted tournament title.

How It Works:

  • Participants can enter the tournament multiple times, with each entry represented by a ticket.
  • In each match, fighters roll a single die, which determines the specific weapon they will use for that particular bout.
  • If a fighter is dissatisfied with their weapon choice from the initial roll, they have the option to submit another ticket and roll the die again, aiming for a more favorable weapon.
  • Notably, anyone in the collective area can also influence the weapon selection process by submitting a ticket to force a fighter to re-roll the die, adding an element of strategy and surprise. The collective area can include tournament participants or general admission.
  • A fighter can submit two tickets to obtain a mercenary to fight for them.

Weapon Options: Participants will contend with an array of synthetic weapons, including:

  1. Dagger or Sickle
  2. Saber
  3. Single Sword or Katana
  4. Sword and Buckler
  5. Longsword
  6. Spear

Winning a Match: A match is considered won when one fighter successfully lands a hit on their opponent without receiving a hit in return. Hits can target various body parts, such as the hand, forearm, torso, head, leg, and more.

Double or After Blows: If a double hit or after-blow occurs during a match, both fighters are eliminated, making way for two new contestants to start a fresh match.

Medals: The tournament awards gold, silver, and bronze medals to the top three participants with the most consecutive wins. It’s a true test of skill, adaptability, and strategy.

Prepare for an unforgettable mix of weapons, tactics, and adrenaline as you ascend the ranks in the Mixed Weapons Tournament. May the most skilled and adaptable fighters emerge victorious!

Rule Sets

Mixed Weapon