Clubs in Arizona

There are multiple clubs in Arizona that cater to Sword Fighting and HEMA. Without the help of the founders of these clubs and the clubs themselves this event wouldn’t be possible.

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Loyal Order of the Sword

The Loyal Order of the Sword is a society of Western Marital Artists training and studying under Greg Hinchcliff. The group itself has a 30-year history originating in Phoenix, Arizona. With over 50 life-long members and constant newcomers, the Loyal Order of the Sword has created some of the best sword-fighters in the nation. Located in Verado AZ.

Phoenix Society

The Phoenix Society for Historical Swordsmanship is an affiliate of the HEMA Alliance and teaches Historical European Martial Arts. This means we look at masters from Europe’s past and try to re-create their art. The club was founded by Richard Marsden and John Patterson. Located in Phoenix AZ.

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Mordhu Historical Combat

We study and practice Kunst des Fechtens, the German tradition of sword fighting from the Middle Ages. The club was founded by Kyle G. and Brittany R. Located in Mesa AZ.


Ironwood Historical Swordsmanship was founded in 2019, we study and practice a variety of weapons and systems from the 12th Century until the early 20th Century. We primarily teach from the German School of Fencing (or Kunst Des Fechtens), but are not limited to teaching from one school of fencing, nor one weapon. The club was founded by Leanna Beauchamp, Roman Sadorf, and Kevin Davis. Located in Tucson, AZ.

Life and Death
Typical Ofrenda

Armored Academy of AZ

We teach Buhurt or armored fighting. The club was founded by Rick Thom, Matt Aaron, and Danner Kaislakivi. Located in Mesa AZ.